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We believe in developing innovative and collaborative solutions that lead to positive change.

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Waikato Engineering students are more than just a number, they are part of a unified team guided by a diverse range of thought leaders to solve real-life problems from day one of their degrees.

Creativity is what we do

At Waikato, we challenge our students to be creative engineers focused on solving issues that matter to people. We believe it’s not just about what our students know, but what they do with what they know that will enable them to make a difference.

BE(Hons) programmes
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Research for the real world

Our talented team of researchers tackle real problems in our communities, industry, nation and the world. They lead by example by developing comprehensive and collaborative solutions that lead to positive change.

Postgraduate degrees
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Fast Track Graduate Programme

If you have a relevant degree, you may be able to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) over two years through our new Fast Track graduate programme.

This new accelerated programme has been specially designed for skilled workers whose jobs may have been affected by COVID-19.

Fast Track Graduate Programme
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Diploma in Engineering Professional Practice

The diploma comprises two enhanced work placements (800 h in total), two engineering papers focused on business and the profession, and two management papers covering subjects such as leadership, strategic thinking, marketing, supply chains, and more.

Engineering in action

Plant-inspired flexi structure to earthquake-proof buildings

Professor Ilanko, a Professor in Civil Engineering, recieved inspiration from Mimosa pudica - the touch-me-not plant - for a new way to improve the earthquake-proofing qualities of structures. Ilanko noted "When I saw the plant sprouting, I bent down to feel it and it collapsed. For me as a structural engineer, I saw a sudden loss of stiffness - something was erect and then it is just collapsing.

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