Our Graduates and Students

Ashleigh Dick

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"As an environmental engineer, I believe we need to look more holistically at society, through the lens of poverty and education, to truly affect change for the environment."

Rene Engelbrecht

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
For engineering graduate Rene Engelbrecht, her first year out of university has been a busy and exciting one.

Luke Fielding

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
“As someone of Māori descent, it bothers me that so few Māori are completing qualifications in science and engineering, so if I can help change that, then I’ll be pleased.”

Terry Halford

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Certificate of University Preparation
"Doing CUP was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made."

Scott Harvey

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"The highlight of my study so far is definitely the people I've met. I have had endless opportunities everywhere to develop and learn outside the classroom (If you're willing to seek them out and take them!)"

Ryan Henderson

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"At Tauranga Boys' College I was into art and the sciences. I wanted to find a way to incorporate both of those and engineering seemed a great way to do that."

Leon Henderson

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Since 2013 Leon has been a research associate at Cambridge University, working in an automotive engineering capacity on a project funded by Volvo Trucks.

Rahul Jangali

"The reality is that our farmers cannot find people to harvest and thin apples, and we need these robots more than ever."

Pinwei Jin

Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering (ME) student Pinwei Jin has designed and built a remote control robotic snake, which he hopes will be used in the future for rescue operations.

Larissa Kopf

Master of Engineering Practice
"I chose Waikato over other options in New Zealand because of the smaller classes and the lecturers are really accessible. I also heard about the first year engineering design challenge and liked how practical it sounded."

Aaron Low

Dr Low graduated from Waikato with a doctorate in 2012. He works at Ligar, a company based at Ruakura in Hamilton that specialises in commercial filtration to extract organic and inorganic molecules.

Victoria McCullough

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Victoria McCullough chose engineering because she wanted to study towards a career that was both academic and practical.

Nicc Moeono

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"I really like the community feel here at Waikato. It’s easy to make connections and develop relationships with people."

Gabrielle Moskalow

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"My advice would be to take advantage of all the experiences that the university has to offer and don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people!"

Kirsten Nel

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
For electronic engineering honours graduate Kirsten Nel, the University of Waikato was her first choice because of glowing reviews from current students.

Tennille Nisbet

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
“I believe I’m attending the best school of engineering in the country because the education is uniquely hands-on and the classes are a good size.”

Mahonri Owen

Master of Engineering
For engineering masters student Mahonri Owen, the drive to help others led him to undertake one of the most complex research projects – to design and create a brain-controlled electro-mechanical prosthetic hand.

Tom Petchell

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Choosing to undertake tertiary study is a big decision, and not one that engineering student Tom Petchell took lightly.

Erin Sims

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"It’s cool being able to do both sides of engineering. I really like spending time on the computer designing, but then also doing the hands-on side."

Dharna Sofat

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"Civil engineering is something I have always wanted to do since I was a child. I have worked hard to get here and I am glad that Waikato is giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream."

Timothy Walmsley

A PhD focused on increasing the energy efficiency of milk powder production has led University of Waikato engineering graduate Tim Walmsley to a full-time job with the very research group within which he worked as a PhD candidate.

Grace Waters

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Grace’s highlight of studying at the University of Waikato was the culture within the School of Engineering. “You felt like you were part of a community. The lecturers knew your name and wanted to help grow you.”

Nick Wotton

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
"I was one NCEA credit short in physics so I enrolled in the Jump Start programme and took the General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers paper in four weeks over summer. Jump Start was a good refresher for everything I’d forgotten from school. I’d highly recommend the programme to students who need extra credit or just want to get a head start on their studies. It gave me a confidence boost and an idea of what to expect from uni."