Daily Competitions

Alongside the presentations and displays of the EDS we will have the final competitions for papers running during the design show. Highlight competitions are scheduled daily from 11am!

ChemE Car Race

Wednesday 21 October, from 11:00am - Front Lawn

Our Second year ENGCB280 students race their chemical powered cars. The car must be able to carry a load between 0-500 g a distance between 5-30 m - the twist is that they’re not given the exact load and distance until the competition!

Bridge Destruction

Thursday 22 October, from 11:00am - Playhouse

Our Second year ENGCV280 students will be testing their bridges to destruction, competing for the highest load to failure for the most economical use of materials. Bridges are designed to support the load of 1 person with a span of 3 m.

Feed the Sheep

Friday 23 October, from 11:00am - Playhouse Theatre

Our Third Year ENGME380 students face off in the “Feed the Sheep” competition, where "hungry sheep" in a pen on top of a hill need a straw bale. Students, working either individually or in twos, have designed and built machines to pick up and place straw bales in their pen. The team with the fastest machine to put the straw bale in the pen and return to base wins!