Final Year Projects

Our fourth-year Honours students are expected to complete year-long research and design projects which integrate the knowledge and skills students gained in the first three years of their professional engineering degree.

Producing Green Urea (ENGCB580 & ENGEV580)

Each year, teams of students have to select, design, cost, and assess the environmental impact of a major process. This year the brief was to design a process to produce green Urea - an important fertiliser. Teams had to select a suitable process that produced Urea with minimal greenhouse gas emissions arising from the process. Each student had to select a major piece of equipment and produce a detailed design. Based on an environmental impact of the process each team had to produce an Environmental Product Declaration for their green Urea. Process safety is an important consideration in the design of the process and so there was a particular focus on safety in the final design.

Fourth Year Design (ENGCV580)

Civil Engineering

The final year design project for Civil Engineering students is a cumulating experience requiring students to utilise skills developed over the past four years to solve a large complex open-ended design challenge. This year's projects ranged from modular and conventional bridges, large scale buildings, road and infrastructure development, and remote backcountry conservation projects. In teams, students were required to design unique projects that meet the demands of a client, the end-users, and the impacted community. In addition to the technical design, students were also tasked with addressing cost, constructability, sustainability, and safety. The overall design challenge allowed students to acquire and develop fundamental skills needed in their future careers as builders of society.

Fourth Year Research (ENGEN581)

Chemical and Biological, Civil, Environmental, and Materials & Process Engineering

The Honours Research Project (ENGEN581) builds on the knowledge and skills students have gained during the first three years of their professional engineering degree, and reinforces the multidisciplinary aspects of engineering. Students have learned how to carry out an individual research project and also gained an appreciation of the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills required for completing a research project to address the real-world problems. The paper is normally taken by students in the Chemical & Biological, Materials & Process, Environmental, and Civil Engineering programmes.

Fourth Year Research & Design (ENGEN582)

Electronic, Mechanical & Software Engineering

This paper is the “capstone” project for Mechanical, Electrical, and Software engineers. Running all year, and representing over a third of their effort, each student has investigated a significant problem, or built a substantial product, either individually or as part of a team. Students selected a topic from a large variety of projects, with many of the topics associated with a local company and involving a real industrial issue that the company faces. Students record a pitch, deliver a seminar, man their display booth in the exhibition space, write a conference-style manuscript, present themselves for interview, and finally submit a dissertation.