Third Year Projects

The third year design projects challenge students with an open-ended project. This requires them to draw on their engineering knowledge and demonstrate innovation in their designs.

Natural Hair Care (ENGCB380)

This year, third year Process Design students were tasked with developing a hair care kit from natural ingredients that engineers and trades people would want to use. The hair care kit has to contain a native ingredient to make it a unique New Zealand product. The students also needed to do market assessment, process design, and economic assessment for a large scale production facility. Students will display their finished product and give an investors pitch at design show. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite student product.

Engineering Building Construction (ENGCV380)

This year, third year Civil Engineering students were tasked with developing solutions to an open-ended design project focussing on the extension to the School of Engineering’s Large Scale Lab. This gave students the opportunity to learn and apply the steps in the design process from initial inception, idea creation and selection, through to developing and refining a concept into a final design. The challenge gave students the opportunity to further develop their analytical and teamwork skills while also introducing them to broader project issues including social, cultural, environmental, and health and safety considerations in their design approach.

Feed the Sheep Machine (ENGME380)

This year, third year Mechanical Engineering students were set a design challenge that required them to build a machine to perform a task. Being in New Zealand, the task had an agricultural theme. This year, the project was based on picking up and delivering a straw bale to a small sheep pen. The project is called "Feed the Sheep Machine" (FSM). The scenario is that there are hungry sheep in a pen on top of a hill that need a straw bale. Students, working either individually or in teams of two, had to design and build a machine to pick up and place a straw bale in the sheep pen. The team with the fastest machine to put the straw bale in the pen and return to base wins the much coveted ENGME380 design trophy. As we do not have a sheep farm on campus for full size machines, the project has been scaled down.