Entry into the BE(Hons)

Studying engineering is fascinating and highly rewarding, but it is also demanding. Before you enter your first-year in engineering, we check that you have the required background in mathematics and physics to succeed.

Entry tracks

Depending on your learning background, you have two possible entry tracks into the engineering first-year.

Direct entry track

This track proceeds directly with the first-year of engineering without additional preparation.

Minimum requirements:

  • University Entrance
  • 16 credits in Mathematics with Calculus in NCEA at Level 3 (or equivalent), preferably including:
    • Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems (91577)
    • Apply integration methods in solving problems (91579)
  • 14 credits in Physics in NCEA at Level 3 (or equivalent), preferably including:
    • Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems (91524)
    • Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems (91526)

Chemical & Biological, Environmental, and Materials & Process Engineering programmes also require:

  • 16 credits in Chemistry in NCEA at Level 3 (or equivalent)

Is this track right for you?

We recommend this track to students who have achieved at least Merits in their internal NCEA standards in Calculus and Physics and expect to achieve at least Merits in each of the specified external NCEA standards above.

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Jump Start entry track

This track starts with the Jump Start paper ENGEN100 General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers commencing in late January, around the time of the national release of external NCEA results.

The main goal of this paper is to fill-in knowledge gaps and fully prepare students to enter the BE(Hons) first-year in March (A trimester) of the same year.

Minimum requirements:

  • 14 credits at Level 2 in NCEA Mathematics or Physics, or a minimum of 8 credits at Level 3 in NCEA across Mathematics and/or Physics

Is this track right for you?

All prospective students can benefit from our Jump Start programme. Here's why:

  • Make new friends and become familiar with the university learning environment ahead of starting a BE(Hons)
  • Score at least 65% (B-) in the Jump Start paper to guarantee your entry into the BE(Hons) first-year with University Entrance, regardless of your external NCEA results
  • Fill-in gaps in your understanding of critical mathematics and physic concepts and applications
  • Discover if you require additional preparation before beginning the BE(Hons)
  • Join at no additional cost if you qualify for the fees-free scheme

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Add a business edge

Unique to Waikato, the Diploma in Engineering Management (DipEM) is designed for the 'business engineer' and equips you with critical leadership and strategic thinking skills to propel your engineering career towards becoming an industry and business leader of tomorrow. With only two extra papers,  you can complete the DipEM and BE(Hons) in your choosen engineering programme all within four years.

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Edna Waddell scholars

School Leaver Scholarhips

There are hundreds of School Leaver Scholarhips available, even if you've taken a 'gap year'. As a prime example, there are 500 ‘Ko Te Tangata’ School Leaver Scholarships available with priority given to students who get “Excellence” or “Merit” endorsed at NCEA level 2 (or equivalent) at a New Zealand secondary school and/or students with serious financial hardship or extraordinary personal circumstances.

Scholarships for School Leavers