Engineering First-Year

In your first-year, you learn about the foundations of professional engineering and experience a little taste of what each engineering discipline contributes to solving complex challenges that matter to people.

Looking forward to your first-year

A common highlight for our first-year students is the boat design-challenge in ENGEN180. This challenge pits first-year teams against one another in a race to collect and remove rubbish from Oranga Lake at the university.

The one-day event is always a blast and is open to the public, so you can invite your family and friends to watch and enjoy.

First year papers

The guide below will help you know which papers to take as part of your engineering first-year depending on your initial programme selection.

Jump Start (February)

Joining the Engineering Jump Start programme helps you prepare to succeed in your first-year of engineering. Jump Start is optional for students that meet the BE(Hons) entry requirement for their specified programme.

  • Common

A-Trimester (March - June)

The first trimester of study comprises four 15-point papers that are common to all engineering programmes, except Software Engineering. This means you have the option to reassess your BE(Hons) programme selection after A trimester.

  • Common

B-Trimester (July - November)

The second trimester has two common papers across all engineering programmes and two papers specific to your programme. You can change your specified programme after B trimester to another programme that follow the same set of 100 level papers.

B Trimester



  • Common
  • Programme-specified

Programme-specified papers

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