Waikato Robotics, Automation and Sensing


Explore our current graduate research projects in fields of AgriRobotics, Applied Machine Learning, Sensing and Robotics.


  • Marvellous Mark - Investigation of Dynamics of Soft Robot Fingers in Object Grasp and Manipulation for Selective Blueberry Harvesting
  • Daniel Dredge - Industrial autonomous lawn mowing robot
  • Rahul Jangali - Automation of Apple Fruitlet Thinning
  • Wayne Holmes - Robust and fast in-field weed recognition using hyperspectral measurement
  • Matthew Peebles - Investigation of Efficient Detection Methods for the Identification and 3D Localisation of Green Asparagus Spears for Robotic Harvesting
  • Catherine Downes - Development of Platform - MaaraTech
  • Adam Lai - Spring onion peeler
  • Junpeng Liu - Lilies Bulb Sorter

Applied Machine Learning

  • (coming soon)


  • Carl Lickfold - Simultaneous Distance and Velocity Imaging in Time-of-Flight Range Imaging.
  • Nilakshi Dissanayake - Measurement of UV penetration in floc and floc properties using fluorescence intensity and lifetime. [project page is under the Energy and Water research group web pages.]
  • Amir Mukhtar - Vision based system for disable person identification and tracking.
  • Gehan Anthonys - The effect of jitter on AMCW time-of-flight range imaging.
  • Matthew J. Seabright - Occlusion Prediction For Kiwifruit Yield Estimation
  • Ding Yi Monique Huang - Thermographic inspection to provide quality assurance for reinforced 3D printer filaments


  • Jatin Tohan - Dynamic Sheet Former - Sprayer
  • Chami Jayasekera - Human Robot Interaction
  • Tara Fernandez-Ritchie - Friction Model for Soft Finger Contact