Waikato Robotics, Automation and Sensing


Is a team of researchers, with skills spanning artificial Intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, time-of-flight sensing, non-destructive testing, control and bespoke hardware development. Our mission is to produce both world leading academic research and solutions for New Zealand industry, including horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, dairy, forestry and construction

PhD researchers

  • Marvellous Mark - Investigation of Dynamics of Soft Robot Fingers in Object Grasp and Manipulation for Selective Blueberry Harvesting
  • Daniel Dredge - Autonomous lawn quality monitoring robot
  • Rahul Jangali - Automation of Apple Fruitlet Thinning
  • Wayne Holmes - Robust and fast in-field weed recognition using hyperspectral measurement
  • Matthew Peebles - Investigation of Efficient Detection Methods for the Identification and 3D Localisation of Green Asparagus Spears for Robotic Harvesting
  • Carl Lickfold - Simultaneous Distance and Velocity Imaging in Time-of-Flight Range Imaging.
  • Nilakshi Dissanayake - Measurement of UV penetration in floc and floc properties using fluorescence intensity and lifetime. [project page is under the Energy and Water research group web pages.]
  • Amir Mukhtar - Vision based system for disable person identification and tracking.
  • Gehan Anthonys - The effect of jitter on AMCW time-of-flight range imaging.
  • Matthew J. Seabright - Occlusion Prediction For Kiwifruit Yield Estimation

Masters researchers

  • Catherine Downes - Development of Platform - MaaraTech
  • Adam Lai - Spring onion peeler
  • Junpeng Liu - Lilies Bulb Sorter
  • Jatin Tohan - Dynamic Sheet Former - Sprayer
  • Ding Yi Monique Huang - Thermographic inspection to provide quality assurance for reinforced 3D printer filaments
  • Chami Jayasekera - Human Robot Interaction
  • Tara Fernandez-Ritchie - Friction Model for Soft Finger Contact

Honours-year researchers

  • (coming soon)