Waikato Research Centre for Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Construction

Our mission is to advance science and technology in the design, operation and maintenace of the built environment in Aotearoa. Our research enable science-based decision-making in the context of community resilience and sustainability.

Our research

Our inter-disciplinary group performs cutting-edge research in various fields related to the quantification of resilience of engineering structure and infrastructure systems, with the overarching goal of providing innovative solutions to increase resilience and sustainability of the built environment in Aotearoa.

Our research revolves around a wide range of engineering fields:

  • Structural Engineering and Advanced Design
  • Resilience Assessment of Large Infrastructure
  • Single- and Multi-Hazard Scenarios for Resilience Quantification
  • Multiscale Computational Mechanics
  • Advanced Surveying of Civil Engineering Systems
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Vibration Control
  • Seismic Protection of Buildings and Structures
  • Seismic Local Analysis and Design
  • Innovative and Sustainable Construction Materials