Waikato Research Centre for Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Construction


Out inter-disciplinary team of researchers and students brings together a diverse set of backgrounds and capabilities. This allows us to tackle complex infrastructure problems in a holistic fashion. Our highly-collaborative environment represents the perfect space for step-changing research in resilience and sustainability.

PhD researchers

  • Steve Raynor – Quantifying resilience of urban infrastructure in emerging coastal cities
  • Xutao Sun - Natural frequency-based crack detection: the use of the roving spring-mass system

Masters researchers

Honours-year researchers

  • Harrison Thomson-Dick: Small-Scale Automated Construction of Block-Based Structures
  • Garrick du Toit: 5G-enabled Earthquake Early Warning System Prototyping and Feasibility Study at the University of Waikato Campus
  • Jotham Makini, Myles McLean, Mpho Mugabe, Sharankumar Rajkumar: Building Information Modelling and Virtual Reality Integration for Improved Construction Management
  • Aliesha McKillop - Traffic detours around road closures
  • Cameron Paul: Agent-based modelling of public buildings evacuation procedures in Virtual Reality environments
  • Amole Randhawa: Lidar-based Scan-to-BIM procedures for improved construction and asset management
  • Narinder Singh: Serviceability Limite State Assessment of Heavy Machinery-Induced Vibrations in Industrial Buildings: Experimental and Numerical Investigations
  • Joshua Smith - Bridges over the Waikato River Structural Assessment and Structural Health Monitoring