Sustainable Energy, Water and Resilient Systems


Solutions to difficult problems in energy and water systems require the contribution of multiple disciplines of engineering, science and beyond. Our key researchers have expertise in chemical, process, environmental, civil and materials engineering.

Associated researchers

Professor Barry Barton

Director, CEREL, School of Law

Tim Manukau

Deputy Director, Te Waiora

PhD researchers

  • Nathan Lal – Automated retrofit of heat exchanger networks
  • Danielle Bertram – Converting the motion of the ocean to power New Zealand
  • Haofeng Zhu – A seabased wave energy device: an experimental investigation
  • Duy Hoang - Modelling chilling and freezing rates in industrial refrigeration installations
  • Abdul Kaggwa – Investigation of the heat transfer enhancement effects of nanofluids in process heating and cooling
  • James Aremu – Arsenic removal from raw water sources
  • Daniel Bernstein – Biological activated carbon for organics removal
  • Asaf Rachmani – Endocrine disruptors in dairy shed effluent
  • Muhammad Majeed – Effect of dairy farm effluent management on endocrine disruptors in surface and ground water
  • Levi Farnum – Industrial symbiosis for green hydrogen production
  • Marianne Hull – Systems approach to dairy farm effluent management
  • Steven Wu – Large scale continuous manufacture of molecularly imprinted polymers
  • Nilakshi Dissanayake – Measurement of UV penetration in floc and floc properties using fluorescence techniques
  • Steven Raynor – Multi-hazard mapping and resilience assessment of Tauranga city
  • Tim Ng – Protein recovery from green wastes

Masters researchers

  • Daren Yang – Plug flow anaerobic digestion of dairy shed effluent
  • Kendal Buchanan – Dairy shed effluent treatment modelling
  • Jiaoying Wei – Rendering koi carp
  • Sohaib Al Shawakik – Solar pyrolysis of municipal sludges
  • Heidi Ruegg – Hydrogen peroxide research
  • Chris Anderson –  Self-protection for critical industrial energy systems and infrastructure

Honours-year researchers

  • Keri Adamson – Multistage and complex heat pump cycles