Energy Systems Integration

Our vision is a net-zero-carbon industrial processing sector, Ahuora, enabled through new-levels of energy systems integration and adaptive digital twin technology.

Achieving net-zero-carbon in industry

The industrial process heat sector contributes 28% of New Zealand's energy-emissions (MBIE, 2019), but represents arguably the most complex and challenging of the energy sectors to decarbonise by 2050. There are no “silver bullet” energy technologies. Developing effective solutions involves knowing when, where and how to apply and integrate the numerous emerging and mature energy technologies in the most synergistic way.

Our research team focuses on the how of energy systems integration.

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Project Ahuora

This project, involving researchers from Waikato, Auckland and Massey Universities, aims to develop a novel energy-technology platform, based on adaptive digital twin technology and underpinned by the next-generation of energy systems science, that will be accessible to researchers, service providers and large-energy-user plant-owners (e.g. industrial manufactures).

This tripartite collaboration is essential to decarbonise the process heat sector.

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World-class energy research for industry

We are actively engaged in research that endeavors to harness the full potential of energy using a holistic whole-of-problem approach. Examples include:

  • Advanced process integration and optimisation
  • Digital twin technology and Industry 4.0
  • Clean bioenergy production and industrial symbiosis
  • Integrated and novel thermodynamic cycles
  • Macro-energy sector planning and integration

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