Water and Resilience Research Group


Associated researchers

Tim Manukau

Deputy Director, Te Waiora

PhD researchers

  • James Aremu – Arsenic removal from raw water sources
  • Daniel Bernstein – Biological activated carbon for organics removal
  • Asaf Rachmani – Endocrine disruptors in dairy shed effluent
  • Muhammad Majeed – Effect of dairy farm effluent management on endocrine disruptors in surface and ground water
  • Levi Farnum – Industrial symbiosis for green hydrogen production
  • Marianne Hull – Systems approach to dairy farm effluent management
  • Steven Wu – Large scale continuous manufacture of molecularly imprinted polymers
  • Nilakshi Dissanayake – Measurement of UV penetration in floc and floc properties using fluorescence techniques
  • Steven Raynor – Multi-hazard mapping and resilience assessment of Tauranga city
  • Tim Ng – Protein recovery from green wastes

Masters researchers

  • Daren Yang – Plug flow anaerobic digestion of dairy shed effluent
  • Kendal Buchanan – Dairy shed effluent treatment modelling
  • Jiaoying Wei – Rendering koi carp
  • Sohaib Al Shawakik – Solar pyrolysis of municipal sludges
  • Heidi Ruegg – Hydrogen peroxide research