First & Second Year Projects

Engineering is about solving societal challenges, and the different types of engineering address different problems. The first year design paper is common to all engineering students and provides the foundational principles and method of engineering design. The second year engineering design papers build on the knowledge gained from first year by engaging students in a project related to their specified programme.

Waste Collection RC Boats (ENGEN180)

As part of ENGEN180 Foundations of Engineering, teams of first year students are tasked to design, build, and compete with, a remote control boat.  The boat’s task is to collect floating plastic waste from a waterway and return it to shore.  This project allows students to practice the process of engineering design with life-like constraints such as a fixed budget, and limited time.

Bridge Design Challenge (ENGCV280)

This year our 2nd year civil engineering students are implementing a user-centred design process to design and construct timber pedestrian bridges that meet the demands of their clients, the end-users, and the impacted community. For the design to be successful, the bridge must meet all structural requirements and be within budget. The bridges will also be evaluated on innovation, aesthetics, constructability and sustainability.

WaReAr Mini Robots (ENGEE281 & ENGMT280)

WaReAr Bots - WAste REduction ARmy of mini robots - is a competition of 2nd year Electrical and Mechatronics engineering students to design and build autonomously robots that identify, collect and sort "trash".

Walnut Nutcracker Demos (ENGME280)

This year 2nd year Mechanical Engineering students are designing and manufacturing a nutcracker that is able of deshell walnuts without damaging the kernel. Under imposed constrains, such as size and budget, students work in groups to propose an elegant, innovative and simple design of a prototype. Come and see the students present and demo their nutcrackers.