Our Staff

  • Professor Mike Duke

    Professor Mike Duke

    Dean of the School of Engineering and The Dr John Gallagher Chair in Engineering

  • Ms Levinia Paku

    Ms Levinia Paku

    School Manager

  • Dr Rob Torrens

    Dr Rob Torrens

    Lecturer | Assistant-Dean (Academic)

  • Dr Shen Hin Lim

    Dr Shen Hin Lim

    Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering
    Hin was the project leader of the robotic asparagus harvester project. With the support of Callaghan Innovation and collaboration with Robotics Plus Limited, a fully operational prototype that used advanced robotics to ... more

  • Dr Martin Atkins

    Dr Martin Atkins

    Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering

  • Dr Leandro Bolzoni

    Dr Leandro Bolzoni

    Associate Professor in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
    Dr. Leandro Bolzoni joined the School of Engineering of The University of Waikato as a senior lecturer in July 2015, and is leading the development and commercialisation of titanium based products obtained ... more

  • Dr Graeme Glasgow

    Dr Graeme Glasgow

    Senior Lecturer
    Graeme has over 25 years experience in the water industry. Previously, he worked as a senior process engineer and team leader in consultancies and water companies in the UK and New Zealand. ... more

  • Dr Ye Chow Kuang

    Dr Ye Chow Kuang

    Senior Lecturer
    Dr. Ye Chow Kuang graduated with the first-class degree honours in Electromechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2000 with the Institute of Electrical Engineers Southern Award for Outstanding Academic Performance. ... more

  • Dr Megan Boston

    Dr Megan Boston

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    Megan completed her PhD in 2017 from The Johns Hopkins University, (Thesis: Building Resilience Through Design: Improving Post-Earthquake Hospital Functionality). Prior to completing her PhD, Megan completed her BS and MS in ... more

  • Dr Rachael Tighe

    Dr Rachael Tighe

    Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
    Student Research Opportunities - Applications WelcomeRachael graduated from the University of Lancaster with a Masters of Physics and swapped over to the dark side for her PhD in Engineering from the University ... more

  • Associate Professor James Carson

    Associate Professor James Carson

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
    The main theme of James' research is the application of heat transfer and thermodynamic analysis to practical problems, most commonly related to refrigeration. Early on in his research career most of his ... more

  • Professor Michael Walmsley

    Professor Michael Walmsley


  • Professor Yifan Chen

    Professor Yifan Chen

    Professor - Associate Dean

  • Professor Ilanko Ilanko

    Professor Ilanko Ilanko

    Also serving as a Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Receiving Editor for the Journal of Sound and Vibration. and Past Research Grants: Marsden Grant 2012 - Negative Structures, MBIE Smart Ideas 2018 - Omnidirectional ... more

  • Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Kim Pickering

    Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Kim Pickering

    Associate Dean Research & Professor of Engineering
    Professor Pickering has been involved in materials related research for over 30 years, specialising in composite materials. Prior to her current role, she was an industrial researcher at Plessey in the UK ... more

  • Professor Jonathan Scott

    Professor Jonathan Scott

    Foundation Professor of EE (retired)
    Jonathan has worked as an EE for universities and private industry in Australia, California and New Zealand. He speaks C, unix, LaTeX, HTML, SQL, & English. ... more

  • Emeritus Professor Janis Swan

    Emeritus Professor Janis Swan

    Emeritus Professor
    Research interests in bioprocessing, engineering education research, meat industry products and byproducts ... more

  • Associate Professor Michael Cree

    Associate Professor Michael Cree

    Associate Professor

  • Associate Professor Nihal Kularatna

    Associate Professor Nihal Kularatna

    Associate Professor in Electronic Engineering
    Nihal Kularatna is an electronics engineer with four and half decades of contribution to profession and research. As a graduate electronic engineer, in his early career (1976-1982) he was active in aviation ... more

  • Associate Professor Melanie Ooi

    Associate Professor Melanie Ooi

    Associate Professor
    Melanie has developed new testing techniques and test data processing methodologies that have been adopted by multinational companies such as Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor (now NXP) and Western Digital. In the recent ... more

  • Dr Chi Kit Au

    Dr Chi Kit Au

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Aydin Berenjian

    Dr Aydin Berenjian

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Peter Kovalsky

    Dr Peter Kovalsky

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Mark Lay

    Dr Mark Lay

    Senior Lecturer
    ... more

  • Dr Tim Walmsley

    Dr Tim Walmsley

    Senior Lecturer in Process and Energy Engineering
    I am passionate about tackling complex energy systems challenges. Through active collaboration with key stakeholders, I aim to create disruptive energy technology and integrated systems to accelerate the decarbonisation of New Zealand’s ... more

  • Associate Professor Fei Yang

    Associate Professor Fei Yang

    Associate Professor
    Fei Yang received his PhD degree in materials and process engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China, in 2010, worked in the Guangzhou Research Institute of Non-ferrous Metals as a ... more

  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Harish Devaraj

    ... more

  • Dr Chanelle Gavin

    Dr Chanelle Gavin

    Chanelle is based at the newly-built Tauranga campus where the first year of Engineering is on offer for selected programs (mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and electronic, and civil).Chanelle lectures on a broad range ... more

  • Dr. Ben Hasseldine

    Dr. Ben Hasseldine

    Lecturer in Materials Engineering
    Ben is a lecturer teaching material science and engineering courses at Hebei University of Science and Technology (HEBUST) in Shijiazhuang, China.His research interests span numerical modeling and experimental testing of novel composite ... more

  • Dr Ajit Pal Singh

    Dr Ajit Pal Singh

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Ali Shokri

    Dr Ali Shokri

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering

  • Dr Lee Streeter

    Dr Lee Streeter

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Amir Hossein Tarighaleslami

    Dr Amir Hossein Tarighaleslami

    Research Fellow
    Amir Tarighaleslami is a Research Fellow at the Sustainable Energy, Water and Resilient Systems Group (formerly Energy Research Group), School of Engineering, University of Waikato. He gained his Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s and ... more

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    Dr Mostafa Seifan

    Teaching/Research Fellow

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    Dr Stella Raynova

    Research Officer

  •  Danielle Bertram

    Danielle Bertram

    Civil Lecturer

  •  Rahul Jangali

    Rahul Jangali

    PhD Researcher | Doctoral Assistant | Dick and Mary Earle Scholar
    I am a PhD researcher at the School of Engineering, I currently am working on developing an apple fruitlet thinning robot. I am also a Doctoral assistant at the university and I ... more

  •  Mary Dalbeth

    Mary Dalbeth

    Administrator - School of Engineering

  • Photo Unavailable

    Natalie Shaw

    Administrator - School of Engineering

  •  Benson Chang

    Benson Chang


  • Mr Pete Higgins

    Mr Pete Higgins

    Advanced Technical Officer

  • Mr Shannon McMurray

    Mr Shannon McMurray

    Technical Manager (School of Engineering)

  • Photo Unavailable

    Brett Nichol

    Advanced Technical Officer

  • Ms Helen Turner

    Ms Helen Turner

    Advanced Technical Officer Electron Microscope Facility
    I am responsible for the management and maintenance of the Electron Microscope Facility for the School of Engineering. I support graduate research students with their electron microscopy requirements by assessing appropriate technique ... more

  • Mr Jonathan van Harselaar

    Mr Jonathan van Harselaar

    Technical Officer
    After completing a BE and ME (Mech) degree at the University of Waikato, Jonathan started working in a Technical Officer role here at the University. He has been providing technical support in ... more

  • Mr Viking Zhou

    Mr Viking Zhou


  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Yusuke Mochida


  • Dr Alista Fow

    Dr Alista Fow

    Senior Tutor

  • Dr Sophia Rodrigues

    Dr Sophia Rodrigues

    Technical Officer

  •  Alicia Sim

    Alicia Sim

    Technical Officer - Mechatronic

  •  James Lim

    James Lim

    Professor in Civil Engineering
    room: F.1.11Femail: / WhatsApp: +64 (0) 22 417 5301SKYPE: JBPLim zoom: click here for my meeting roomI would be very happy to receive applications for both PhD and ME on structural ... more

  • Dr Christian Gauss

    Dr Christian Gauss

    Research fellow
    Materials engineer by the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Christian obtained his Master and Doctorate degrees in Materials Science and Engineering in the same institution. He has professional experience in mechanical testing, ... more

  • Dr Kim de Graaf

    Dr Kim de Graaf

    Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    Kim graduated from the University of Canterbury with an Honours degree in Mathematics and Statistics before returning later to complete a PhD in Civil Engineering (Thesis: Numerical modelling of the micromechanical behaviour ... more

  • Dr Mahonri Owen

    Dr Mahonri Owen

    Senior Lecturer

  • Mr Nick Pickering

    Mr Nick Pickering

    Nick's a passionate technology leader & educator with a history of achievement through a mixture of creativity, leadership & outcomes focused delivery. Nick thrives on solving complex problems & coaching other to ... more

  • Dr Ray Hudd

    Dr Ray Hudd

    Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    Ray comes from the north west of England. He studied Civil Engineering at Loughborough University of Technology between 1981 and 1985 graduating with a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Diploma ... more

  •  Tom Robertson

    Tom Robertson

    Technical Officer

  • Dr Yifan Yang

    Dr Yifan Yang

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    Yifan got his PhD in Civil (Hydraulic) Engineering from The University of Auckland. His thesis focused on sediment scour at complex bridge piers that are widely adopted in New Zealand and many ... more

  • Dr Benjamin McGuinness

    Dr Benjamin McGuinness

    Research and Teaching Fellow

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    Bradley Scott

    Technical Officer

  • Dr Krishanu Roy (KRIS)

    Dr Krishanu Roy (KRIS)

    Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    Email: F.1.11ESkype: live:dd579dd8940bac15Kris is currently a Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering at the University of Waikato (UoW). He obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland and masters ... more

  • Dr Isuru A. Udugama

    Dr Isuru A. Udugama

    Senior Lecturer