Our Staff

  • Professor Mark Dyer

    Professor Mark Dyer

    Dean of the School of Engineering
    Mark Dyer spent the first two decades of his professional career (with the exception of his PhD studies) working on construction projects in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. The projects ranged from ... more

  • Associate Professor James Carson

    Associate Professor James Carson

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Professor Mike Duke

    Professor Mike Duke

    The Dr John Gallagher Chair in Engineering

  • Professor Michael Walmsley

    Professor Michael Walmsley


  • Professor Yifan Chen

    Professor Yifan Chen

    Professor - Associate Dean

  • Professor Ilanko Ilanko

    Professor Ilanko Ilanko


  • Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Kim Pickering

    Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Kim Pickering

    Associate Dean Research & Professor of Engineering

  • Professor Jonathan Scott

    Professor Jonathan Scott

    Foundation Professor of EE
    Jonathan has worked as an EE for universities and private industry in Australia, California and for the last 15 years as an academic in New Zealand. He speaks C, unix, python, LaTeX, ... more

  • Emeritus Professor Janis Swan

    Emeritus Professor Janis Swan

  • Associate Professor Michael Cree

    Associate Professor Michael Cree

    Associate Professor

  • Associate Professor Nihal Kularatna

    Associate Professor Nihal Kularatna

    Associate Professor in Electronic Engineering
    Nihal Kularatna is an electronics engineer with four and half decades of contribution to profession and research. As a graduate electronic engineer, in his early career (1976-1982) he was active in aviation ... more

  • Associate Professor Melanie Ooi

    Associate Professor Melanie Ooi

    Associate Professor
    While working in close collaboration with several leading multinational electronics companies, Melanie has developed new testing techniques and test data processing methodologies that have been adopted by the industry partners. In the ... more

  • Dr Martin Atkins

    Dr Martin Atkins

    Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering

  • Dr Chi Kit Au

    Dr Chi Kit Au

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Aydin Berenjian

    Dr Aydin Berenjian

    Senior Lecturer
    Dr. Berenjian's major research focus is collaborating with industry to drive innovation of production processes for high value bio-products. He serves as the Editor of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (Elsevier) and Molecular ... more

  • Dr Leandro Bolzoni

    Dr Leandro Bolzoni

    Senior Lecturer in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
    Dr. Leandro Bolzoni joined the School of Engineering of The University of Waikato as a senior lecturer in July 2015, and is leading the development and commercialisation of titanium based products obtained ... more

  • Dr Graeme Glasgow

    Dr Graeme Glasgow

    Senior Lecturer
    Graeme has over 25 years experience in the water industry. Previously, he worked as a senior process engineer and team leader in consultancies and water companies in the UK and New Zealand. ... more

  • Dr Peter Kovalsky

    Dr Peter Kovalsky

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Ye Chow Kuang

    Dr Ye Chow Kuang

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Mark Lay

    Dr Mark Lay

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Tim Walmsley

    Dr Tim Walmsley

    Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering
    Tim is a product of Hamilton, a graduate of the University of Waikato and a Chartered Engineer (CEng). He spent three years as a researcher in the Energy Research Group at Waikato ... more

  • Dr Fei Yang

    Dr Fei Yang

    Senior Lecturer
    Dr. Fei Yang received his PhD degree in materials processing engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China, in 2010, working on hot processing of hard-deformed materials (e.g. titanium alloy and ... more

  • Dr Megan Boston

    Dr Megan Boston

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering

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    Dr Harish Devaraj


  • Dr Alessandro Fascetti

    Dr Alessandro Fascetti

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering
    My research focuses on the multiscale numerical and experimental simulation of materials for civil engineering applications. I developed and validated a Random Lattice Modeling technique that is capable of representing complex 3-Dimensional ... more

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    Dr Chanelle Gavin

    Chanelle is based at the newly-built Tauranga campus where the first year of Engineering is on offer for selected programs (mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and electronic, and civil).Chanelle lectures on a broad range ... more

  • Dr Ben Hasseldine

    Dr Ben Hasseldine

    Lecturer in Materials Engineering
    Ben is a lecturer teaching material science and engineering courses located at Hebei University of Science and Technology in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. ... more

  • Dr Seokho Jeong

    Dr Seokho Jeong

    I am a lecturer in Civil Engineering, with expertise in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Geophysics. I obtained BE in Civil Engineering from Changwon National University in South Korea, Master in Earthquake Engineering ... more

  • Dr Shen Hin Lim

    Dr Shen Hin Lim

    Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering
    Hin is the project leader of the robotic asparagus harvester project. With the support of Callaghan Innovation and collaboration with RoboticsPlus Limited, a fully operational protoytpe that used advanced robotics to demonstrate ... more

  • Dr John McDonald-Wharry

    Dr John McDonald-Wharry

    Lecturer in Materials

  • Dr Ajit Pal Singh

    Dr Ajit Pal Singh

    Lecturer (Tauranga)

  • Dr Ali Shokri

    Dr Ali Shokri

    Lecturer in Civil Engineering

  • Dr Lee Streeter

    Dr Lee Streeter

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Rachael Tighe

    Dr Rachael Tighe

    Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
    Rachael graduated from the University of Lancaster with a Masters of Physics and swapped over to the dark side for her PhD in Engineering from the University of Southampton. Rachael worked as ... more

  • Dr Rob Torrens

    Dr Rob Torrens


  • Dr Amir Hossein Tarighaleslami

    Dr Amir Hossein Tarighaleslami

    Research Fellow
    Amir Tarighaleslami is a Research Fellow at the Sustainable Energy, Water and Resilient Systems Group (formerly Energy Research Group), School of Engineering, University of Waikato. He gained his Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s and ... more

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    Dr Mostafa Seifan

    Teaching/Research Fellow

  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Mingtu Jia

    Research Officer

  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Xiaoyou Lin

    Research Officer

  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Stella Raynova

    Research Officer

  •  Danielle Bertram

    Danielle Bertram

    Doctoral Assistant

  • Photo Unavailable

    Rahul Jangali

    Doctoral Assistant

  • Professor Bill Redman-White

    Professor Bill Redman-White

    Honorary Professor
    Bill Redman-White spent much of his career from 1990-2011 with NXP (and its predecessor, Philips Semiconductors) as an Engineering Fellow, specialising in analogue and RF design, working in Southampton, UK, San Jose, ... more

  • Professor Moira Steyn-Ross

    Professor Moira Steyn-Ross


  • Associate Professor D. Alistair Steyn-Ross

    Associate Professor D. Alistair Steyn-Ross

    Associate Professor

  •  Mary Dalbeth

    Mary Dalbeth

    Administrator - School of Engineering

  • Photo Unavailable

    Natalie Shaw

    Administrator - School of Engineering

  • Mr Duncan John Barnard

    Mr Duncan John Barnard

    Technical Officer
    I studied at the University of Waikato, graduating with 1st class honors in 2016. From there I worked for one year as a building services engineer with Mott MacDonald; and two years ... more

  • Mr Josh Barnett

    Mr Josh Barnett

    Technical Officer
    Josh is a design engineer and member of the Waikato Robotics Automation and Sensing (WaiRAS) research group. He has a keen interest in applied robotics and has designed and built a range ... more

  •  Benson Chang

    Benson Chang


  • Mr Pete Higgins

    Mr Pete Higgins

    Advanced Technical Officer

  • Photo Unavailable

    Dr Lisa Li

    Advanced Technical Officer

  • Mr Shannon McMurray

    Mr Shannon McMurray

    Technical Manager (School of Engineering)

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    Mr Gordon Neshausen

    Advanced Technical Officer

  • Photo Unavailable

    Brett Nichol

    Advanced Technical Officer

  •  Helen Turner

    Helen Turner

    Technical Officer Electron Microscope Facility
    I am responsible for the management and maintenance of the Electron Microscope Facility for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. I am involved in teaching students and helping to support them in ... more

  • Mr Jonathan van Harselaar

    Mr Jonathan van Harselaar

    Technical Officer

  • Mr Viking Zhou

    Mr Viking Zhou


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    Dr Yusuke Mochida

    Teaching Fellow

  • Mr Aaron Menzies

    Mr Aaron Menzies

    Teaching Fellow (HEBUST)

  • Ms Levinia Paku

    Ms Levinia Paku

    School Manager