Engineering Jump Start Programme

We understand COVID-19 has disrupted many senior secondary school students' learning progress and confidence during the past two years. Our four-week Jump Start programme, run during Summer 2023, can help students fully prepare to enter the Bachelors of Engineering with Honours programme, particularly those who fall short of the entry requirements in Physics and Maths.

What is Engineering Jump Start?

Engineering Jump Start comprises a preparation paper for prospective BE(Hons) students. The four week paper is delivered in-person at our Hamilton campus (23 Jan. - 17 Feb. 2023). The teaching environment of Jump Start can be described as relaxed and a hybrid of high school and university approaches.

General information about Jump Start

Who can benefit from Jump Start?

All prospective BE(Hons) students! Jump Start can help fill critical knowledge gaps in physics and maths, especially for students who expect to fall short of the direct entry requirements for the BE(Hons) or those who haven't studied for some time. It can also help with the transition to university life and making new friends, so students can hit the ground running from the beginning of A Trimester.

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What papers should I take?

To join Engineering Jump Start, you need to take: ENGEN100 General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers

This paper will help prepare you for the BE(Hons) programme, but does not count towards the degree. You can guarantee entry to the BE(Hons) first-year by achieving University Entrance and a B- grade or higher in this paper.

Entry into BE(Hons)
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How much does it cost?

For new students who qualify, the Fees Free programme can cover the cost of Jump Start (tuition fees and course costs) in addition to the first year of university studies.

Refer to the official website to see if you qualify and for official information.

Fees-free for new students