Experience Engineering at Waikato

We offer a range of experiences to support engagement with our schools and communities to demystify and get young people excited about a career in engineering, provide insights into university life and make it clear why the world needs more creative engineers.

Experience Engineering (E²)

Friday 21st April 2023

E2 is an on-campus event where students visit us for an exciting day of tackling engineering design challenges. This highly popular event provides an opportunity for a glimpse at some of the real-world problems our students are helping to solve throughout their engineering degrees.

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Other opportunities to visit us

School Workshops on Campus

Contact us to organise a workshop right here on campus for your school. We have a range of different activities on offer in our awesome laboratory facilities. We can also organise a guided tour of the campus so students can get a glimpse of what life at the University is like!

Our workshops aim to engage students and get them excited about a future career in Engineering.

Visits to schools

Study Engineering Presentation

What does a carreer in engineering actually mean? What does a degree at Waikato look like? We aim to answer these questions with our “Study Engineering” presentation.

During these in-school presentations, one of our lecturers will conduct a “mini-lecture” giving an explaination of what engineering is and the different degrees on offer at Waikato. Afterwards, an undergraduate ambassador will share their experiences at Waikato and what university life is like.

This presentation is a great opportunity for students to have their burning questions answered by our engineering undergraduates and staff! Get in touch and we will happily arrange one for you.

Focussed Workshops

Focussed Workshops

Get in touch with us and we can organise a visit with your school to run a variety of focussed workshops for your students!

In the past we've run design workshops at schools to fit in with the technology curriculum. In these, students were walked through the design process and finished by building a dirty prototype.

We are happy to work with you and provide an engaging and hands on workshop to support your curriculum.