Experience Engineering

Nothing beats seeing and experiencing firsthand what we do as a diverse team of engineers and engineers in training.

We realise it can be challenging for prospective students to grasp the finer details of what a career in engineering looks like and what distinguishes the many different areas from each other.

We are always open to working with our communities, including schools, to demystify engineering, provide insights into university life at Waikato and talk with students one-on-one about what their study journeys might look like, and why the world needs more creative engineers.

We visit you

Focussed Workshops

Get in touch with us and we can organise a visit with your school to run a variety of focussed workshops depending on what you need. In the past we've run design workshops at schools to fit in with the technology curriculum where students got through the design process and finished by building a dirty prototype. We are more than happy to work with you in order to provide an engaging and hands on workshop to help support your curriculum.

Study Engineering Presentation

Our study engineering presentation aims to promote the option of Engineering as a future career. One of our lecturers will give a bit of an idea about what our Engineering degree looks like at Waikato including videos of competitions, prototypes from projects and more. A student ambassador or two will then give 'their story' to the students. This is roughly a 5-10 minute informal presentation about how the students got into engineering, how they are finding it, where they are hoping it will take them, and a bit more generally about life at university.

You visit us

Workshops on Campus

Contact us to organise a workshop right here on campus for your students. We have a range of different activities on offer in our awesome laboratory facilities. We are more than happy to organise a tour if that sounds like something your students would be interested in. Our workshops will engage your students and get them excited about a future career in Engineering.

Experience Engineering (E²)

Experience Engineering (E²) has been postponed until 2021. Please contact us regarding opportunities to visit.

Experience Engineering (E2) is an on-campus event where students visit us for a busy day of engineering challenges. This highly popular event runs alongside our Engineering Design Show which is where our university students display their work and have their final project competitions. The event provides an opportunity for a glimpse at some of real-world focussed problems our students are solving throughout their engineering degrees.

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